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Concrete Finishing


 Since 1989 this concrete colour maintenance system has been refined and perfected.

A water based Non Acid stain that penetrates the surface of porous concrete, staining to almost any colour desired with a tenacious bond.

This revolutionary product was specially designed to solve problems in concrete such as oil or rust stains, old and faded concrete, new discoloured concrete, matching new to old concrete and more.

RestoTech concrete colour maintenance will completely cover any colour of concrete and wear just as normal concrete.  However, specially formulated sealers in the product assist in keeping the concrete clean. This revolutionary product can be maintained with regular periodic cleaning even with a pressure washer.  It was also developed to be applied over and over again to keep the concrete looking new.

There are many features that make RestoTech concrete stains very different than any other product available today, here are three:


 You can change any colour of concrete to any other colour without changing the texture.

Solid colour stain is breathable. This allows the stain to stay in the concrete, unlike other stains and sealers that place a barrier between the water and concrete, which causes whiting, delaminating and peeling. allows the water pressure or hydrostatic pressure to pass through the concrete allowing the concrete to breathe.


It is extremely maintainable. People, in general, understand that you need to maintain anything affected by outdoor elements. No one has offered a product that allows you to maintain your concrete colour until now.


RestoTech took a pragmatic and ‘realistic’ approach to concrete maintenance.

It is foolish to think that something outside that is  driven on, walked on, rained on and snowed on is going to look new for years to come. Whatever you apply on to the concrete sooner or later it will need to be maintained. Usually it is sooner than later.

With RestoTech concrete colour maintenance system you can apply as many applications as needed or wanted, without stripping, sanding or peeling.

For whatever reason, mistake or customer changes mind, all that is needed is another application. In fact you can even change red to white or black to tan and back again all in the same day. Millions of square metres lay. Limitless colour possibilities.